Novel Lens Technology: How can UV+420 Cut Help Build Better Lens Material

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When eyes are exposed to Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, they become vulnerable to prospective vision problems. Opticians recommend protective eyewear to avoid such issues. However, opting for the most appropriate eye-lens technology matters significantly in determining your vision care quality.
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Why is it necessary to switch to better lens technology?

UV radiation and high-energy visible light (HEV light) can potentially damage the sensitive parts of the eyes (such as the retina, cornea, etc.). Regular eye lens materials provide only a few features which become eventually become ineffective after some time. Investing in vision care solutions provides vision clarity for a longer duration and is also a safe and sensible choice for you.

The factors that make regular lens material a poor alternative for vision care are:

1. Lens-quality degradation:

As time passes, ordinary lenses lose their protective coatings. It also changes its color and gets a yellowish tint. It tampers with vision health safety.

2. Low comfort:

Generally, lens materials are not scratch resistant. It causes severe discomfort in the eyes in forming a clear image. Such prolonged strain in the eyes often leads to problems like cataracts.

3. Unable to shield eyes against radiations:

The UV and HEV radiation directly impact the retina. Ordinary lenses usually do not provide protection against severe issues. Hence, it is critical to use effective lens technology that shields the eyes from such threats.

4. Unsuitable for specific vision problems:

Cataracts, photokeratitis, cancer, etc., are a few eye problems that are caused due to unprotected exposure to the sun. These problems can be avoided with proper vision care and precautions. Where regular lenses fail to prevent such issues, specialized lens materials give unparalleled protection to the eyes.


5. Unable to withhold atmospheric changes:

Sunlight is not the only factor that poses a threat to the eyes. When you step outdoors, even in cloudy weather, microscopic substances and particles come in direct contact with the eyes. In such cases, specialized lens technology provides better protection to the eyes.

How does UV+420cutTM take care of your eyes?


The UV+420cutTM technology by Mitsui Chemicals India is one of its kind that shields the eyes against potentially damaging threats. This advanced technology lens material is for people from every age group. It focuses on every component equally to fulfill maximum user requirements.

The vision care solution suits every person and simplifies their vision-related issues.

Following are the features of our advanced technology lens material that make it more unique and valuable than ordinary lenses:

1. In-Mass Technology:

Our specialized UV+420cutTM lens material is blended with photochromatic pigments. It prevents any impact from the atmospheric radiations and other factors that may damage the lens. It results in high reliability and clear vision.

2. Durable:

The UV+420cutTM lens material is more rigid than ordinary lenses. It has scratch-resistant properties, which protect it from cracking due to accidental jerks. Thus, these lenses are hard to break and last longer than regular lenses.

3. Comfort:

These high-quality lenses promote comfort and cater to several eye-related problems. Usually, eye lens coatings fade away with regular wear and tear of the product. It creates discomfort for the user because of lens fogging, color deterioration, etc.

4. Style Oriented:

The lens technology causes minimal light reflections. Its high tensile strength makes it apt for molding into desired shapes and sizes. Hence, it can also be used in sunglasses and corrective or non-corrective fashion-oriented eyewear.

5. Vision Clarity:

The lens material has a neutral natural color. In contrast to the regular lens material, this lens material blocks the HEV light with an adjusted tint instead of the yellow dye. Hence, the lens material provides clear vision at all times.

Empower Your Vision


Considering the environmental changes every now and then, vision safety is often put at risk. The ozone layer depletion due to global warming increases the intensity of UV radiation from the sun. In such a scenario, it is mandatory to guard our eyes in the best possible way.

Our UV+420cutTM lens technology, combined with the MRTM lens material, gives undefeated results. MRTM is a durable, coating-friendly, thermal-resistant material. Hence, the lens materials complement each other with similar qualities that provide maximum defense from vision problems.

At Mitsui Chemicals India, our vision care solutions focus on providing quality assurance like no other can. Our vast range of eye-care products is designed with advanced technology that will not disappoint you. These are laboratory tested and evaluated under qualified experts' supervision.

We have envisioned a healthy and sustainable future. We design solutions that cater to environmental safety and quality of life improvement. Our solutions adhere to our Blue ValueTM and Rose ValueTM standards to ensure environmental and societal safety.

Contact us to adapt our solutions for safeguarding your health and the environment.