Helping Caregivers Avoid Burnout: With Patient Monitoring System

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Exhaustion and overwhelming sensations are frequently misinterpreted as a part of the job of nurses and caregivers, and thus their inconvenience is overlooked, resulting in burnout. Working with patients is a mentally and physically taxing job that stresses the caregivers.

The advancement in technology has introduced us to patient monitoring systems, which are beneficial in maintaining a balanced and efficient utilization of staff, with the added benefit of data accuracy. This article will explain how the patient monitoring system can help nurses and caregivers reduce their workload and avoid burnout.

What causes nurses with caregiving burnout?

WHO classifies burnout as an “occupational phenomenon." Nurses and caregivers are more prone to frequent burnout due to chronic workplace stress, extensive working hours, excessive workload, and lack of rest. This negatively impacts their psychological and physical health, resulting in an overall reduction in their work efficiency.

Burnout can have detrimental consequences, especially in the caregiving and nursing industry, where proactive attention is required. The patient monitoring system helps solve this problem by promoting better patient compliance and improved physician management while simultaneously lowering the costs of care.


Patient Monitoring System: Help Caregivers, as well as Patient's

Peripheral devices (such as pulse oximeter, glucometer, etc.), collect patient subjective and physiological data (such as heart rate, blood glucose, respiration rate, etc.). This data record is then transmitted to healthcare providers and examined by a healthcare professional or an algorithm that aids in clinical decision-making. If a problem is detected, nurses, caregivers, and other healthcare providers are immediately notified. As a result, prompt intervention ensures favorable patient outcomes.

The patient monitoring system reduces physical contact between the caregiver and the patient, which can benefit both in some instances. It is the best approach in cases where a patient with a chronic illness requires extra hygiene while ensuring the least physical contact. This reduces the risk of contracting the contagious disease for the caregiver.

The patient monitoring system makes it easier for caregivers to evaluate the data and pay attention to each health issue specifically for every patient. It allows them to analyze the speed of recovery, the requirement of change in medication, and concentrate on the factors affecting the patients' health and treatment. Apart from this, it offers various other advantages, a few of which are listed below:

1. This technology can be used to monitor patients' health at home manually.

2. It lowers the cost of hospital visits for chronically ill patients, particularly for minor self-curable issues.

3. It also improves the mobility of healthcare in remote areas where timely delivery is practically impossible.


How Piezola™ by Mitsui Chemicals India is the Right Choice

When it comes to the convenience of nurses and caregivers, Piezola™ by Mitsui Chemicals India offers the best solution. It senses the patient’s movements and then generates the data instantaneously and precisely. This helps the caregivers to study the patients’ medical condition carefully and provide them healthcare accordingly. It also helps build trust between the caregiver and the patients due to the transparency of their health status.

PIEZOLA™ piezoelectric sensor

The diverse applications of patient monitoring systems lead to numerous variations in their technology architecture. Healthcare facilities use various technologies depending on the disease and the parameters being monitored. Mitsui Chemicals has partnered with Z-Works Inc., which provides consulting services and develops products that improve nursing care facilities by utilizing IoT and AI technology. This collaboration resulted in PiezolaTM, our sensor-based patient monitoring system for nursing beds. It is a motion sensor-based piezoelectric effect-based technology that reads patients' minimal movements and physiological parameters.

The fundamental purpose of Piezola™ is to assist caregivers in nursing patients, who cannot move about freely due to various factors (such as aging, chronic illness, etc.) There are several pressure sensors installed under the mattress cover that measure the pressure intensity concerning the patient's weight. This provides us the information about the patient's posture and the duration of pressure in a particular body position. Piezola™ helps in tracking the patient's movements and alerts the caregivers promptly. Hence, it enables the caregivers to take further precautionary steps. This knowledge can assist caregivers in limiting the discomfort of their patients and themselves. Especially for the treatment of infants, this is a crucial technology to detect their internal and external problems. This product will enable the caregivers to conduct the treatment properly.

One of the most vital functions of Piezola™ is that it can easily find the specific points of the patient. A motion-sensor nursing bed system can recognize the known points where bedsores frequently occur(elbow, pubic bone, heel, etc.) based on the average body size by age.


Piezola™: The Best Device for Monitoring Patients

Piezola™ is the most reliable motion-sensor device for monitoring health. It is highly accurate and provides convenience to nurses and caregiving because of its numerous features, which are listed below:

1. Tension Sensing:

Piezola™ detects ultrasonic vibrations and minor changes in strain, pressure, and impact, allowing the caregivers to precisely monitor the patients' health.

2. High Sensitivity:

It detects even the minutest movements promptly. This enables the caregivers to give proper treatment and attention to the patient.

3. Low Noise:

Noisy equipment near the patients can make them uncomfortable. It also creates a disturbing environment for the caregivers, restricting their concentration. Our product solves this problem and helps caregivers create a quiet workspace. It enables the patient to rest in a stress-free space.

4. Low Power Consumption:

As responsible manufacturers, we must pay attention to the environment. We aim to create a healthy future for the world by following the principle of sustainable development. Thus, our product works with low power consumption benefitting the environment. This also saves the expenditure on electricity bills.

5. Non-Pyroelectric:

Piezola™ solely functions on the principle of the piezoelectric effect. It instantly senses the patient's heart rate, respiration cycle, etc. It recognizes the slightest physical movements and alerts the caregivers about them.

6. Easy fit to various 3D shapes and sizes:

Our product is applicable in several monitoring devices (such as watchable sensors, wearable sensors, etc.). Hence, anyone and everyone can self-monitor their health. This will also encourage them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

7. Easy connection:

This product has a less complex structure which makes it easy to use. This makes it convenient for caregivers to access its features without going through a complicated process of installation.

Healthcare Today, Happiness Everyday!

Healthcare is a critical component of creating a healthy and happy society. It is essential to recognize the significance of leveraging technology to ensure society's proper health and well-being. To make a more proactive contribution to this cause, we measure the value propositions of our products using Blue ValueTM and Rose ValueTM, our benchmarks that contribute to reducing environmental load and improving quality of life, respectively.

With the current situation, it is necessary to accept the growing need to instill such innovative technologies to ensure our society's proper health and well-being. In scenarios like the current pandemic, patient monitoring systems can be very effective at every stage, from monitoring to treatment and, eventually, recovery.

To contribute to our goal of improving healthcare facilities by inculcating our products for your business, reach out to us at Mitsui Chemicals India.