Creating a sustainable future through education and empowering the girl child
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Education is a powerful tool which empowers communities to turn around their lives. It makes people skilled and equips them to engage in meaningful professions and thus contribute to their own and society’s socio-economic well-being.


Mitsui Chemicals India actively works with various NGO’s like Plan India and Sakshi to uplift, children’s rights and equality for girl child. Starting from 2014 till date, we’ve been participating in activities related to Sponsorship of Girls’ education and overall development and continuing through the years.


In 2018 itself, Mitsui Chemicals India sponsored the education of 42 Girl children through Plan India with an aim of providing a large focus on ensuring sound foundational skills.


Similar is the situation with establishment of Computer labs (introduced in 2015 and continuing till date) in schools to promote quality education and increase knowledge base.

Promoting E-education Promoting E-education

In 2016-17, Smart classroom were introduced in various corporation schools as the pilot project through Sakshi NGO to further improve the quality of studies by promoting E-education and driving education in low income communities to the areas that do not have access to schools. Starting with initially just 1 school in 2016, currently in 2018, a remarkable development and demand for introducing Smart Classroom has been created and supported by Mitsui Chemicals India.