Mitsui EPT: A Polymer Solution for Heat & Chemical Resistance

Mitsui EPTTM is a special type of synthetic rubber produced using a unique olefinic polymerization technology. Keeping pace with the demand for products crafted using advanced technology, Mitsui Chemicals India has consistently been delivering innovative products, and EPT is one of them.

Ethylene-Propylene-Terpolymer, or EPT, as it is widely known, is brilliantly versatile and can be put to use in varied applications. This blog takes you through its characteristic features and helps you to understand it better. 


Remarkable properties of Mitsui EPTTM

Eco-friendly polymer

Here are some of the features of EPT that make it suitable for multiple use cases:

1. Weather and ozone resistance

  • The chemical structure of EPT (Saturated Hydrocarbon Chain) distinguishes it from other rubbers and thus provides outstanding weather and ozone resistance. Even with continuous exposure to UV radiation, the polymer structure is not degraded.
  • Due to this, it can be combined with other diene rubbers to improve weather and ozone resistance.

2. Temperature resistance

The Saturated Hydrocarbon Chain of EPT enables excellent heat resistance. It can be efficiently used in higher temperatures for long durations. 

3. Insulation

EPT can be used as an insulation material. It also has wonderful corona and tracking resistance. These features make EPT better than other rubbers, such as SBR, NR, and IIR. 

4. Chemical Resistance

The chemical resistance of EPT is also outstanding. It is resistant to higher polarity organic solvents such as alcohol, ketone, glycol, inorganic salt, water solution, acid, and alkali.

Applications of Mitsui EPT

Due to the exceptional features of EPT, it is used in a variety of applications. Some of them are:


Automotive applications

  • Weather resistance, processability, temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and insulation properties make EPT the best choice for use in automotive applications.
  • Some automotive components manufactured using EPT are window seals, glass run channels, weatherstrip sponges, radiator hoses, lamp seals, electrical wire sheathing, grommets, and gaskets and many more.


Industrial applications

  • The various features of EPT make it suitable for use in various industrial applications, such as Wire and Cable, roofing, pond liners, lining sheets and construction.
  • It is used to manufacture conveyor belts, grommets, o-rings, gaskets, roofing applications, wire and cable sheathing, heat insulator sponges, and tubing.

Why should industries choose Mitsui EPT?

  • All products at Mitsui Chemicals pass through strict quality control and thus are consistent in quality.
  • Mitsui Chemicals has a robust research and development team that offers innovative products with exceptional features.
  • The entire range of products, from basic monomers to plant designs, is backed by extensive research.
  • There is a widespread network of sales professionals operating globally to assist with customer queries.
  • Mitsui EPTTM is prepared as per customer needs, and there is ongoing technical support to adjust customer requirements.
  • Mitsui EPTTM is produced using a unique production process that results in stable output quality.
  • Various grades of EPT are produced using Metallocene catalyst technology, which brings new capabilities to the product.
  • EPT is available in three forms: standard bale, friable bale, and pellets.

Grades of Mitsui EPT

Several grades of EPT suitable for various applications are produced by Mitsui Chemicals India. The right grade is chosen based on the exact needs of the client.

Benefits of Metacellone Catalyst Technology used in making special grades of Mitsui EPT

●      More durable products due to low chlorine content in the EPT grades produced.

●      Incredibly low gel content within the material.

●      It gives an opportunity to create versatile polymer designs.

●      The production process is simple. 


How to choose a specific grade of Mitsui EPTTM for your industry?

The following factors should be considered while choosing EPT for your applications: 

  1. Temperature resistance desired
  2. Chemical compatibility expected
  3. Insulation properties required
  4. Performance expectations


Mitsui Chemical’s Blue ValueTM and Rose ValueTM

The unique polymerization technique through which EPT is produced throws open a wide range of applications. It can replace conventional rubber with its remarkable properties and uses. These, along with Mitsui Chemical’s Blue ValueTM and Rose ValueTM properties, add immense benefits to the products made out of Mitsui EPTTM


Through our Blue ValueTM property, we emphasize our contribution to society. This we accomplish with the manufacture of eco-friendly products that reduce the carbon footprint. We stress the need to stay in harmony with the environment by co-existing with nature. All our products undergo strict environmental assessment before they finally reach the customers.


To provide hope for all people and improve the quality of life, Mitsui Chemicals India works alongside its Rose ValueTM properties. The motto is to protect food, extend a healthy life span, and enrich life and society. We wish to realize a comfortable society where people can enjoy healthy lifestyles.


Get in touch with us to know more about our wide range of products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Mitsui EPTTM and how is it produced?

A1: Mitsui EPTTM is a specialized synthetic rubber created using a unique olefinic polymerization technology. It is produced by Mitsui Chemicals, known for its innovative products crafted using advanced technology.


Q2: What are the remarkable properties of Mitsui EPTTM?

A2: Mitsui EPTTM boasts several remarkable properties, including weather and ozone resistance, temperature resistance, insulation capabilities, and outstanding chemical resistance.


Q3: How does Mitsui EPTTM compare to other rubbers in terms of weather resistance?

A3: The stable hydrocarbon chain of Mitsui EPTTM provides exceptional weather and ozone resistance, even under continuous UV radiation exposure, distinguishing it from other rubbers.


Q4: In what applications can Mitsui EPTTM be used?

A4: Due to its exceptional features, Mitsui EPTTM finds applications in various industries, including automotive (for window seals, radiator hoses, etc.) and industrial (for conveyor belts, grommets, etc.).


Q5: What are the reasons for industries to choose Mitsui EPTTM?

A5: Industries choose Mitsui EPTTM due to its consistent quality, innovative features developed by a robust R&D team, extensive product range supported by technical assistance, environmentally friendly production process, and customizable grades to meet specific needs.


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