Visualizing Contributions to Environment and People: Blue and Rose Values

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Our planet and its ecosystem have suffered greatly as a result of centuries of obtuse actions and decisions made by society. With global warming, ozone depletion, and other environmental issues, it is past time for us to do more than just think about them. 

As a global solutions provider, we recognize the associated responsibilities that come with our position. We believe in revolutionizing lifestyles to sustain growth without risking health and nature. So, let us discuss an approach that supports environmental and societal well-being. 


What Are Our Solutions? 

“We are dealing with issues that are critical to human nature. There has to be a way to come together and do it right, to protect the environment and human rights.” 

- Sister Sheila Kinsey 


Our ecosystem consists of various ecological chains, where life is intertwined with the environment and an unnatural interference with one, directly impacts the other. Ecological deterioration happens for various reasons (such as deforestation, pollution, climatic changes, exhaustion of non-renewable natural resources, and many more).On the other hand, Quality of Life(QOL) primarily depends on an individual's lifestyle (healthcare, quality of food consumed). The downfall of environmental conditions severely impacts the QOL. Hence, Environmental and Quality of Life (QOL) degradation is an alarming problem that requires our immediate attention to resolve these issues. 

As one of the leading manufacturers, we encounter certain problems that directly or indirectly affect the environment and people. At Mitsui Chemicals India, we acknowledge such hindrances and design solutions to resolve them. Our Blue ValueTM and Rose ValueTM benchmarks help us address such problems in a better way. Let us understand it better: 

Blue ValueTM 

The manufacturing and processing process of products results in enormous waste production. It releases various harmful gases on a large scale. Simultaneously, it also generates non-biodegradable solid waste. When dumped in water bodies or landfills, it pollutes the surroundings and disrupts the ecosystem.  

Another significant factor that is often overlooked is the damage caused during the product life-cycle. It hampers the ecological balance by harming the environment extensively. Our Blue ValueTM environmental impact assessment index assists in evaluating our products under three fundamental categories: 

1. Reducing CO2 emissions. 

2. Conserving natural resources. 

3. Coexisting with nature throughout its life cycle. 

Rose ValueTM 

Through our products, we aim to improve QOL for creating a safe and healthy society. Customer satisfaction and society's well-being have always been our priorities. Through our Rose ValueTM benchmarks, we plan on eliminating various lifestyle problems. The concerns are reforming healthcare facilities, proper food and water quality, and infrastructural development. Our classifying criteria for labeling the products and services under Rose ValueTM standard are as follows: 

1. Enriching lifestyle and society. 

2. Facilitating healthy life-span. 

3. Ensuring food quality. 

All our solutions cover specific Sustainable Development Goals formulated by the UN General Assembly to achieve by 2030. This is not the end of our plans, but the beginning. Let us further read about it. 

What is Our Strategy? 


Shape"A good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there." 

- H. Stanley Judd 


At Mitsui Chemicals India, we put consistent efforts and meticulous planning to accomplish our goals. With the intent to establish a sustainable future by 2030, we have revised our corporate plans and formulated VISION 2030. Our long-term business strategy encloses our goals for the next 15-20 years. It addresses various techniques that we have adopted to build an ideal future society.  

Now that we have discussed our strategies for the future, the next logical step is to define our approach to implementing them. Here is a brief explanation of our roadmap, VISION 2030, for bringing the environment and people together for their well-being: 

1. Corporate Vision:

We plan to design and build solutions that direct society towards a better tomorrow. Alongside, we measure the aspects that impact the environment in every way. By utilizing the power of Chemistry, we promise a healthier and safer world to our customers. And as a responsible corporate group, we are also dedicated to providing solutions for environmental challenges. Hence, we have covered all vital aspects of our new growth strategies. 

2. Environmental awareness and critical business priorities:

The chemical industry directly influences the global environment. A manufacturing company or brand must reconsider the ecological impacts of their solutions while also growing their market niche. We recognize our role, and therefore, we have modified our conventional business approaches with an eco-friendly perspective. 

3. Ideal future society and materiality:

We encounter various challenges to create a perfect community. Primarily, we can achieve an ideal organization by establishing diverse values, harmony with the environment, and a means that enables people to lead healthy, happy, and safe lives. 

4. Business model transformation:

We do not just manufacture products; we build solutions! We have transformed our business parameters from a 'material supplier' to a 'solutions supplier for solving problems. We aim to address societal or environmental issues to a more considerable extent for a better future. It is our time to broaden our performance scope. Hence, we now incorporate our innovative ideas to set up a societal-oriented and digitally competent circular economy. 

5. Business portfolio:

To successfully achieve our business targets, we have diversified our domains. Each domain focuses on different aspects of societal and economic growth: Life & Healthcare Solutions, Mobility Solutions, ICT Solutions, and Basic & Green Materials.  

These additions help us concentrate on refining the respective domains and contributing immensely to a sustainable future. 

6. Carbon neutrality:

We have also introduced a roadmap to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2050. It aims explicitly at two significant purposes. A high level of GHG (Greenhouse Gas) in the atmosphere risks air quality. Thus, the prime purpose is to reduce our GHG emissions. The other goal is to contribute to improving the QOL standards worldwide. 

Unfolding Pathways to a Sustainable Future! 

We have the vision. We have ideated strategies. 

The next phase in actualizing our goal: Execution! 
Coming up with innovative ideas and plans is never enough unless you have a proper implementation. Therefore, we continue our research to adopt suitable strategies and technologies for building a sustainable future. Our Blue ValueTM and Rose ValueTM benchmarks henceforth assist in benefitting the environment and people in countless different ways. Some of our products and solutions are briefly explained below: 

1. Diagnostics and Consulting Business for Photovoltaic Power Generation:

Power generation through renewable energy is a viable technique. It helps preserve our natural resources and reduce GHG emissions to a remarkable extent. These properties make it an environmental or Blue ValueTM solution. 

2. MRTM:

It is a high refractive index lens material that assists vision care. It is a product that follows Rose ValueTM standards and a user-friendly solution that helps enhance vision and comfortable use. 

3. Do GreenTM:

It is a lens made from plant-derived materials. It follows both Blue ValueTM as well as Rose ValueTM standards. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 14% more than the conventional petroleum-derived product. 



We have multiple solutions to make your lifestyle hassle-free and healthy. They contribute to reducing your workload through technology. Given the current scenario, hygiene is a mutual concern for everyone, and our solutions maintain all sanitation norms. For instance, our food packaging products are germ-free and eco-friendly; our motion-sensor-based devices help contactless patients' medical treatment. 

Similarly, these solutions are also directed to not only acknowledging environmental problems but are also contributing to resolving them. They help by reducing GHG emissions, following the principle of sustainability throughout their life-cycle, etc. Our products and services strictly follow the guidelines of our created benchmarks, making them appropriate for customers and consumers. 

We Are Aware, Are You? 

In today’s hectic schedules and fast-paced lives, people, especially the youth, have started concentrating on the importance of enhancing their health and fitness. They have also diversified their concern for the environment. People must understand the importance of adopting a sustainable approach in life. 

The well-being of society and the environment are interdependent, and the atmosphere holds a crucial stake in all our minor and significant actions. According to reports by the United Nations, around 75% of the earth's surface is severely impacted by human activities that are avoidable. 

People must understand the need to follow sustainability from the minimal things to the significant decisions. Our planet is undergoing several changes, natural calamities (like floods, famines, etc.), and people suffer from various healthcare challenges. 

The worldwide pandemic has taught us to take care of our health sincerely; even a small change in your daily routine can save lives. Hence, it is our responsibility to care for ourselves and those around us. Whether a human or a tree, everything needs attention and care. 

As a global business leaders, we comprehend the responsibilities associated with our position. Thus, it is of utmost importance to provide solutions and efficient measures to our patrons. It encourages us to design better products that meet their requirements. We do not simply aim to sell products and earn monetary benefits but to make significant contributions to our planet's welfare and people. 

Reach out to us to inculcate our solutions in your business and projects. We are here to help you make your life comfortable while keeping our environment safe simultaneously.