Photovoltaic Power Generation in India: How Can Diagnostics and Consultancy Help

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India is ranked fifth in the solar power generation market globally. Several power generation alternatives are available in the market, but solar energy is the most viable. It not only benefits the purpose of sustainability but also provides extraordinary outputs.

India, a land of limitless renewable resources, has high growth potential. The rich solar energy availability enables access to resolve varied power generation issues. It is our call to utilize the energy resource to shape the country's better future.
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What are the Power Generation Challenges in India? 

The solar energy sector is one of India's most rapidly growing industries. According to the statistical data, its installed solar capacity was 56.951 GW on 1 June 2022. However, it all comes down to making amendments to our strategies for better performance.

Solar energy is the most crucial source of power generation in India. Regardless, there are always some hindrances on the path to success. Despite abundant solar energy, specific challenges need to be addressed, such as:

1. Incompetent strategies:

Availability of resources also requires adequate planning for intelligible energy utilization. Strategies are critical in analyzing and implementing solutions in the field to generate sufficient power and its even distribution. The absence of well-researched and calculated strategies often leads to wastage of resources and deficit output.

2. Manufacturers focus mainly on exports:

PV module manufacturers in India are inclined to sell off their products in the international market. The products are exported at higher selling prices which means more profit. This does help their business grow individually but impacts the supply in domestic markets.

3. Lack of intra-industry cooperation:

The PV module industry comprises several segments (such as manufacturing, advisory, installation, supervision, etc.). It is essential to ascertain a proper balance amongst all the sectors. It will lead to better performance and results.

4. Economic uncertainty:

Solar power generation costs more than conventional power sources. Since it includes specialized equipment, technology, expertise, etc., it is often considered an inefficient alternative. However, solar power is a relatively cheaper power generation method for long-term use.

How Do Diagnostics and Consultancy Help?



Power generation in India currently deals with many problems. Primarily, the insufficiency of awareness and guidance keeps the economy from advancing its success rate. Such issues can be resolved with adequate research and advisory from qualified sources.

Diagnostics and consultancy help in the decision-making procedures and assist you in getting familiar with the various aspects of the course. It helps in overcoming power generation problems in the following ways:

1. Efficient performance:

Diagnostics and consultancy helps in assuring quality check of the PV system's functioning. The diagnostics report can identify the problem in case of any faults or malfunctioning. Due to regular assessment and control, it becomes easy to achieve optimum system performance without wasting time and resources.

2. Trustworthy supervision:

Power generation through photovoltaic systems is an entirely technical procedure. It can only be handled with skills and expertise. Our experienced staff not only uses their knowledge to give maximum output but also generates detailed reports. Thorough supervision and transparency of data build customer trust.

3. Cost-effectiveness:

Generally, solar energy is considered an expensive means of power generation. Although it involves heavy equipment and regular maintenance practices, it is the most viable method. Given the long-term scenario, investment in PV modules is also a safe choice in monetary aspects.

4. Certified testing laboratories:

When shifting to a different method of power generation from the existing conventional ones, there is always a little doubt about their decision. Thus, to clear all your queries and reliable services, testing laboratories and services must be certified by authorized government bodies.

5. On and off-field assistance for product lifespan:

Diagnostics and consultancy are critical in every phase of PV system installation. Post-installation supervision is as vital as laboratory research and testing services. It also increases the durability of the PV-module structure. To reduce any scope of extreme damage, the system must undergo a detailed check-up routine even after installation.

We are always here for your assistance

At Mitsui Chemicals India, we have envisioned the idea of building a sustainable future, and we adhere to the cause in our solutions. We design solutions that resolve many significant issues and fulfill requirements. Our research and development domain always focuses on introducing and improving quality of life (Rose ValuesTM) and environmental benefits (Blue valuesTM).

Our diagnostics and consultancy services are no exception to the rule. We have satisfactory customer records, government testified certifications, and skilled expertise. We offer assistance with reliability and safety. We aim to provide long-lasting solutions that are convenient for our consumers.

The TAHARA SOLAR WINDTM is another initiative that helps harness solar energy for power generation. The project corresponds to enhancing power generation methods through technological assistance. It also contributes to creating a sustainable environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Power generation in India is a mainstream industry that needs immediate attention to raise its growth potential. Our solar domain incorporates many of our projects directed at eradicating relevant issues. These projects are certified and standardized by the NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) in accordance with ISO/IEC international standards.

With growing sustainable trends in the market on a large scale, people have also become conscious of their regular lifestyle choices. Sustainability is prioritized everywhere, from fundamental needs to luxurious ones. Hence, the demand for environmentally benefiting practices is as striking as ever.

Considering India's power generation capacity, renewable energy sources are the most viable options. It provides safety in the long run and a hassle-free method to generate electricity. With the appropriate assistance and guidance, it will be considered an investment with lifetime benefits for you and your posterity.

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