Piezoelectric Sensor in IoT: Benefits, Future, and Role of Business Leaders

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Inculcating newer technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare has brought tremendous transformation in the sector. Patient monitoring uses multiple remarkable technologies, which are highly reliable. The following article enlists the role of IoT technology in healthcare.


How to Facilitate Healthcare?

Patient monitoring is crucial in determining a patient’s overall health, and technology has introduced us to multiple patient monitoring systems. Healthcare centers use various technologies relying on the ailment and monitored parameters.

Piezoelectric technology is an instrumental technology in this sector. It is a motion-sensing device that reads the patient's movements and physiological parameters. The piezoelectric sensing technology is a remarkable innovation for the healthcare sector, and its following attributes define its worth in this sector:

1. Physiological parameters:

It determines physiological parameters (heart rate, blood pressure, pulse rate, and so on) with precision. It contributes to an in-depth analysis of the patient's health.

2. Touch sensing:

It senses ultrasonic vibrations, making even minor movements notable. It helps in maintaining a track record of the patient's body movements.

3. Multiple applications:

Piezoelectric sensors are applicable in various peripheral devices (stethoscopes, glucometers, smartwatches, and so on).


4. Mobility:

It allows the patients to examine their health manually without even the pain of a single pinprick. Isn't this an excellent way to keep yourself fit and healthy?

Given the current pandemic, healthcare is an eminent priority. But it is practically impossible to live happily and peacefully under the fear of falling ill. However, the upcoming technologies are a savior to human health. Smart wearable devices use piezoelectric sensors that allow you to assess your health anywhere, regardless of the time.

What is the Need for IoT in Healthcare?

With the arena developing around us, we rely on technology the whole lot. Then why not utilize it for healthcare as well? The contemporary strategies are just an advanced version of the historical techniques that worked miraculously. IoT facilitates healthcare services, and its application inside the clinical industry can save lives, quite literally.


Benefits of Iot in Healthcare



Experts state that IoT in healthcare will be worth up to $142.25 billion by 2026. Unsurprisingly, it is true-to-life, and IoT has a lot of benefits to contribute to developing healthcare services. There are countless advantages that IoT offers, a few of which are discussed below:

1. Increases Accessibility:

People who live in remote areas were isolated entirely from advanced medical facilities until a decade ago. People lost lives due to the unavailability of resources and issues that could have been avoided. The scenario is not the same anymore; IoT has enabled people to seek proper and timely medical help. They can consult medical experts digitally through online applications. Artificial Intelligence is also tested worthy for providing healthcare advice and consultancy remotely.

2. Eases Medical Administration:

Caregivers have to look after several patients concurrently. It often overburdens them and reduces their coherence while taking care of patients. In such cases, IoT helps supervise multiple patients' health remotely through a digital alerting system. Whenever a patient moves, it can alert the caregiver instantly through an alarm system, and assistance can be provided accordingly.

3. Builds Patient’s Trust:

IoT provides detailed data with the digital cloud storage option. It ascertains transparency of data among the caregivers and patients, which helps build trust from both ends. It also enables the doctor to carefully analyze the patient's health and focus on the supposed cure point.

4. Maintain Hygiene and Sanitization:

Different remote sensing devices eliminate direct physical contact between two people. It helps in keeping the surroundings disinfected. It also lowers the risk of spreading an infectious disease (such as viral infections, diarrhea, etc.). People have become more conscious of health and hygiene considering the pandemic and post-pandemic situations. IoT helps keep a health check and lowers the risk of falling ill.

There are ways beyond the ones mentioned above through which IoT contributes to growing a healthful global. The utilization of IoT channelizes effective healthcare between patients who need the treatment. Though there is a vast scope in terms of further development of IoT technology, the industry is advancing at an incredible pace. The day is not far when the illnesses that are tagged incurable today would be cured within no time in the future.

But Why Piezoelectric Sensors?

From doors to taps, everything is transforming through touch and motion-sensing technology. It facilitates task performance on various levels, expands its accessibility to people, and more. The uses of piezoelectric sensors are not restricted to medical devices; it applies to intruder alarms, fire alarms, microwave ovens, TV remotes, and many more. It is also possible to use piezoelectric sensors to power a car in the coming few decades.



If we looked back a few years ago, everything happening today seemed impossible back then. Advancement in technology has introduced us to an entirely new world where everything is possible with a snap of fingers. So why not use this incredible gift to humankind to look after our health and well-being?



Using piezoelectric sensors inside the scientific industry has countless benefits. It builds patients' trust by providing accurate and timely outcomes. In addition, incorporating technology into healthcare can reduce their workload to an exemplary extent. Extreme workload often causes problems like burnout, psychological stress, etc. Taking care of a patient is not easy; it is a physically and mentally taxing job. Hence, it will benefit the caregivers and the patients simultaneously.

Piezoelectric sensors can also be used in the veterinary service domain. It makes monitoring their response to treatments easier. Since animals cannot communicate verbally, such remote sensor devices are the most useful here. 

As a result, piezoelectric technology has unparalleled uses, applications, and advantages. Furthermore, it has a massive scope of advancement in the future that makes it more operational in many fields.

What Is Our Take?

As one of the business leaders in this industry at Mitsui Chemicals India, we build adequate solutions for our customers. Our Life & Healthcare Solution business sector focuses on enhancing lifestyle through our solutions. We understand the value of quality products from a consumer's perspective. Therefore, we design products that meet customer requirements and provide worthy outcomes.

We collaborated with Z-Works Inc., a consulting service and product development company, to improve nursing care facilities through IoT and artificial intelligence technology. We built PiezolaTM, which is a piezoelectric-based motion sensor. Its following properties make it a suitable choice for its use in patient monitoring systems:




1. High Sensitivity:

It identifies even the most minor movements in the patient's body, allowing the caregivers to precisely supervise their physical response to the ongoing treatment. It also lowers the risk of any mishaps. For instance, if a person shifts from their bed, the sensor immediately alerts the staff and can help the patient.

2. High Flexibility:

Its coaxial structure makes it highly flexible, and this increases its application in various devices, such as remote-sensor beds, wheelchairs, smartwatches, and other peripheral devices. Its flexibility makes it applicable in all such fashion-oriented devices. Hence, because of its distinguished uses in various devices, it is considered a multi-purpose sensor. 

3. Easy Connection:

Due to its simple structure, it has an easy installation and usage procedure. The caregivers need not go through a complex instruction manual to know how it functions. Hence, it saves the user from enduring trouble and allows them to use it directly.

4. Low Noise:

When everyone is looking for peace, who would like noisy equipment around them? A simple yet most required aspect. PiezolaTM produces minimal sound, allowing the patient to relax and recover in a comfortable atmosphere.

Patient monitoring systems facilitate healthcare in many ways, and PiezolaTM helps in increasing its efficiency. It provides precise data, lowering the risk of mistakes in treating the patient. It can detect the slightest change in motion, making it suitable for treating patients who cannot move and express themselves comfortably (chronic illness, aging, paralysis, etc.). All these properties make it highly reliable.

Yes, We Care for You!

Health is the best wealth and should be taken care of in the same way. Health care is not about curing an existing disease but staying avoiding it in the first place. A healthy lifestyle will lead to a peaceful and content future, and it is not just for you but for the sake of your family, country, and posterity. Formulating a proper fitness routine never goes in vain. You sow a seed today and enjoy the fruit every day!

We live in the 21st century, where nearly everything is possible, and all it requires is a little effort and recognition. IoT and Artificial Intelligence in the medical field have opened many pathways. We have plenty of technologies that can assist in developing a healthier lifestyle. For example, the introduction of the concept of smartwatches allowed people to keep a regular check on their overall health and monitor their daily activities impact by counting footsteps, measuring resting heart rate, etc. Likewise, the current pandemic has also reminded us of the importance of technological healthcare devices like oximeters that help measure oxygen intake. It is about time that we realize healthcare is a necessity.

At Mitsui Chemicals India, we have envisioned a sustainable and healthy world. We utilize optimum technologies to enhance our products. We design efficient and effective solutions that are user-friendly and reliable. We also fulfill our responsibility as a brand towards the environment and society through our Blue ValueTM and Rose ValueTM benchmarks.

Reach out to us if you find our solutions worthy and want to inculcate them in your business or individual projects.