Protecting Your Vision by Ensuring Lens Safety

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With the increasing awareness about health safety, it is also necessary to focus on the vision care aspect. Vision care holds a significant share of your overall health. Hence, it is advised to adopt suitable lens technology for effective vision care and safety.
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How to Determine Lens Quality?

Opticians always suggest selecting vision care products wisely for maximum eye protection. Eye lens materials support vision care in multiple ways. Hence, multiple aspects must be considered to determine an optimum quality lens material; some of these are:

1. Vision Clarity

2. Refractive Index

3. Coating-friendly

4. Other Technical Attributes

However, quality demands vary from person to person, depending on their requirements. But two key factors remain uniform in determining suitable lens material: safety and impact resistance

Given the multiple lens categories in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the most suitable lens material. Each feature of the lens material has its user advantages. There are several qualities that a customer seeks while product selection (such as comfort, durability, appearance, etc.).

How does MRTM Lens Material Benefits the User?

Mitsui Chemicals India manufactures a wide range of vision care products. MRTM tops the charts when it comes to user preferences in lens materials. It is made from this urethane resin through polymerization technology and offers various features that make it unique and reliable.

MRTM uses high-refractive index lens technology, which helps maintain its ultra-slim structure. Ordinary lens materials fail to exhibit rigidity and slim-structure property simultaneously. In contrast, MRTM provides unparalleled safety and impact resistance qualities while ensuring its thin appearance.

Our claims about MRTM Lens Material with respect to ordinary lenses are backed by laboratory experiments. Watch the experiments we did to validate our safety and impact resistance.

The lens material testifies to its break-proof abilities through the US FDA's Drop Ball Test and the Butterfly Test. The former test criterion helps examine the material's impact resistance against a falling object. When a falling object lands on MRTM, the lens material stays as good as new, while the ordinary lens material gets chipped.

The latter is a test performed by Japanese lens manufacturers to ascertain its strength and flexibility for multiple applications. A flexible lens material will refrain from breaking off when heavy weight is applied, providing maximum safety to the eyes.


MR™ Lens Material, Ordinary Lens Material

Lens material technology has advanced to a great extent in recent years. There are photochromic and polarized lenses that help in making fashion-oriented and multi-functional eyeglasses. The MRTM lens material is equipped with high-tech features that satisfy multiple user demands.

This high-refractive index lens material also has a high Abbe number. This results in maximum vision clarity with minimum image distortion.

It also has several user-friendly properties, such as weather and thermal resistance. 

Lens materials usually shed their coatings after a specific duration, but our lens material holds all the coatings intact throughout its lifetime. It also suits fashion eyewear accessories with the color variation feature.

Vision is a treasure; keep it safe!

As a consumer, making conscious decisions for maximum benefits is significant. Benefits define the product's worth in the market. Hence, consumers must make themselves aware of the different aspects of the product they choose.

Similarly, it is essential to make informed decisions when it comes to vision safety.

When a person uses poor-quality lenses, then vision safety is at perpetual risk. There are chances that the lens chips due to sudden jerks or pressure. Chipped lenses can cause severe eye injuries, possibly harming your vision for your entire lifetime.

Therefore, MRTM goes a notch up in terms of agility, flexibility, and safety. It provides the utmost safety assurance and reliability to the user. Apart from this, the diversified range of vision care products by Mitsui Chemicals India provides you with tailor-made solutions for your needs.

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