Collaborative Solutions for Green Energy and Smart Technologies

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Smart technologies are propelling us into the future. Advanced developments in technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), the internet, etc., facilitate human efforts in performing routine tasks. Green Energy is the key to ensuring a secure future. Renewable energy derived from natural resources is the purest form of energy since it is the least harmful to the environment.

Innovating smart technologies that use green energy is a viable approach towards achieving a more sustainable future. Given the current environmental and climatic situation, it is critical to developing solutions that address and assist in resolving sensitive environmental and developmental obstacles. This article discusses critical ecological issues as well as our collaborative solutions for creating a safer and greener world.


Factors Harming the Environment and Human Resources

Mismanagement of natural resources and the use of obsolete technologies adversely impact our environment and society. Below are a few instances that elaborate on such rising concerns:

  • India is among the top five electricity producers in the world. Out of total electricity generation, less than 40 percent is generated from renewable sources, harming the environment and economy.
  • Human resources are the treasure of every country. We must aim to provide them with all possible facilities to increase their productivity. In this case scenario, smart technologies will prove themselves to be useful. 
  • According to recent scientific studies, nearly 4% of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions are from plastic disposal, making it a significant contributor to global warming. Urbanization and industrialization produce harmful chemical residue on a large scale. This waste is dumped in water bodies and landfills, polluting our environment.


The Need for Effective Solutions



Merely acknowledging the problem will not help until concrete solutions are implemented for their resolution. The need of the hour is to devise solutions to tackle the environmental and social challenges. At Mitsui Chemicals India, we work with the vision of rendering solutions and services that benefit the environment and society. The following list encapsulates how smart technologies that utilize green energy can be used to tackle a variety of environmental and climatic issues that we are facing:

  • In India, Solar power is amongst the most appropriate and feasible alternatives for resolving power generation setbacks. Solar energy generates electricity through photovoltaic (PV) cells by converting sunlight into an electric current. By 2030, India’s renewable energy capacity is expected to reach 450 GW, with the majority of it (280 GW) depending on solar energy. 


  • With the pandemic, numerous industries have adopted smart technologies for better functioning. Especially for the healthcare sector, it has become a necessity to adopt smart technologies (such as motion sensor devices) to provide optimum healthcare services to patients. The introduction of new technology or advancement of an existing one assists human resources in increasing their productivity. It also helps the caregivers to reduce their workload.


  • Recycling is the best option for mitigating the effects of improper plastic disposal. This method can be implemented by households in their daily routine and by industries at a more significant level. However, people assume that recycled products are of poor quality, but it is an absolute myth. With plenty of categories available and high demand, recycled products occupy a vital role in the market. 

Our Collaborative Solutions for a Sustainable Future

At Mitsui Chemicals India, our ambition is to create a sustainable future. Hence, we collaborated with promising companies to research and develop solutions to embark upon different social and environmental problems, which are as follows:

1. Solar PV Technical Advisory Services, Ensuring Quality from Factory to Field: