What Does It Take To Have a Clear Vision?

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What Does It Take To Have a Clear Vision?

Our eyesight is one of our most important senses. Our brain performs nearly 80% of its tasks on the information gathered through the sense of sight. Our vision also enhances our sense of comfort. Optical products are used not only to correct vision but also to protect the eyes from outside influences. Blue light emitted by digital screens, the sun's harmful UV rays, impure air-borne particles, and other factors can all have adverse impacts on your vision.

It is, hence, necessary to select top-notch protection and treatment for your eyes. This article discusses the value factors that help improve your vision care exceptionally.

How to Ensure a Clear Vision


Inadequate vision care increases the risk of infections and illnesses. One must routinely visit an optician for comprehensive eye checkups, along with intaking a nutritious diet. Taking proper care of your vision aids in timely treatment in case of any medical problem.

Here are a few vision care tips to help you improve your vision:

1. Use sunglasses:

Direct exposure to the UV rays of the Sun tends to impact your eyes and intensifies the risk of cataracts and other vision-related problems. We must protect our eyes by using sunglasses that block 99 to 100% of UV-A and UV-B radiation.

2. Take proper eye rest:

Working on computers for extended intervals can strain your eyes, harming your vision. Opticians recommend anti-glare eyeglasses to prevent your eyes from the blue light emission of computer screens.

Our Solutions for a Better Vision Care

It is necessary to select those vision care products that provide superior precision and clear vision. As a worldwide leading manufacturer of vision care products, our responsibility is to maintain our solutions' standard quality and high performance. At Mitsui Chemicals India, we render solutions that are safe and effective. We also contribute to the welfare of society and the environment through our quality standards Rose ValueTM and Blue valueTM, respectively. Following are our few products that can help in enhancing your vision:

1. MRTM:

It is a high refractive index eye lens material. MRTM is an impact-resistant break-proof material that is light in weight and provides a thin finish. It meets the US FDA's Drop Ball Test criteria, ensuring its damage-proof rigidity against a falling object. Its following traits make it a suitable lens material for your eyeglasses:

1. Its weather and thermal-resistant properties increase its durability and workability.
2. It is a coating-friendly material that prevents cracking and peeling. Coatings and films (such as anti-glare, anti-reflective, anti-fog, etc.) stay firm under all conditions.
3. It has a high Abbe number and high refractive index. It helps in producing a less distorted image giving a clear vision.
4. It is also available in color variations. Hence, it is suitable for sunglasses and fashion-oriented eyewear.

MR™ Lens

2. RAV 7TM:

It is a high-quality, low index eye lens material. The RAV 7TM series optical monomers help in producing ophthalmic lenses. It is also applicable in manufacturing eye gears such as marine equipment, welding masks, photographic filters, etc. Its more features are listed below:

1. It is highly scratch and weather-resistant, reducing the damage risk and raising its longevity.
2. It can be tinted as per the user's choice and is thus, suitable for use in sunglasses.
3. Its optical performance is close to the mineral glass, allowing a clear vision.
4. It is a high-quality material that does not cause lens discoloration under any circumstance.


3. NeoContrastTM:

It is an anti-glare lens material that utilizes optical wavelength control technology. Its function is to filter out bright light to enable clear vision, and NeoContrastTM filters these lights at a specified wavelength to form a precise image of vivid color objects. It is a suitable alternative for eye lens material because:

1. This lens utilizes high refractive index lens material, giving it a slim and lightweight appearance.
2. Available for vision correction as well as no-powered lenses.
3. It is usable with various technologies such as polarized, photochromic, UV, and high-energy visible (HEV) light blocking technology.
4. It is highly compatible with tinted lenses offering clear vision.


4. UV+420cutTM:

This eye lens material uses optical wavelength technology to filter and block harmful UV and high-energy visible (HEV) light spectrums. Our UV+420cutTM lens provides clear vision due to its photochromic pigments blended into the material to block harmful radiation from reaching the eyes. Its various features are further listed below:

1. It gives a transparent and clear vision due to its neutral natural appearing color.
2. It is a durable and robust material because of its scratch resistance quality.
3. This technology is suitable for everyday lenses since it blocks the UV light to the 420 nm range.
4. It is also free of blue reflections.

Vision Care: The Key to Good Health

Vision is the most powerful sense of the entire human body. It enables a person to see everything while empowering their imagination and perspective. A clear vision allows for greater clarity of ideas, making us more efficient and content. As a result, selecting your vision care products wisely is essential to ensuring that they do justice to your health.

At Mitsui Chemicals India, our ambition is to provide superior quality solutions that cater to maximum consumer requirements. Our vision care solutions have reliable results and are user-friendly.

Contact us to know more about our vision care products and incorporate them into your business and lifestyle.