Arvind Tripathi

Arvind Tripathi

Please describe your career history at MCInd.(roles, functions, products, countries, companies, etc.)

I started my career with Mitsui Chemicals in India as Asst. Manager for Healthcare business when company was just starting it's business activities and we had almost no business. I started exploring various business opportunities with Active Pharmaceutical Ingedients' manufacturers in Pharmaceutical industry and established initial business base with help of our high quality products. Later, I expanded business base in other industries as well.

What do you like most about working at MCInd ?

I like the working environment and freedom of exploring emerging business opportunities here because India is a rapidly growing market with requirement of diverse solutions and Mitsui Chemicals offers large pool of products and technologies to address that.

Which aspect of your job gives you greatest satisfaction? What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy meeting various companies and their respective representatives of various processes. I try to understand their business requirement and this helps me understanding customer's problems, changing business environment and approach of different companies towards new business context.

Since the time you joined, what are the key changes or improvements that you observed at MCInd?

As shared, MCInd was very young with only 15 employees when I joined. Since then we grew -up in multifolds not only in business terms but also in number of employees. Earlier we had start-up approach but now we have become a process oriented company with growth orientation and focused approach.

How would you describe the Mitsui culture?

I would say Mitsui has culture of working as one team with diverse set of employees to challenge the difficulties in market. Mitsui is a 'Responsible Care' company and has high focus on Sustainability.

Do you have any message for future colleagues?(For people who will visit our Career Website) What advise would you give to a new member of the Mitsui family

MCInd gives you enough opportunity to grow by expanding your horizon and learning. Mitsui Chemicals has large number of products and technologies which can address requirement of emerging markets. As a new employee you get enough room to enhance your learning with various processes and portfolio and no dearth of opportunities to grow.

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