Ranjit Singh

Ranjit Singh

Please describe your career history at MCInd.(roles, functions, products, countries, companies, etc.)

I joined in 2014 as a Executive in Finance & Accounts department and got promoted in 2017 as a Sr.Executive which was first recognition towards my hard work which was very much helpful in boosting self confidence.

What do you like most about working at MCInd ?

Friendly Environment and mutual respect irrespective of level/designation, Employee satisfaction

Which aspect of your job gives you greatest satisfaction? What do you enjoy most about your job?

Freedom and flexibility to work in my own ways. Here I can handle any assigned task independently without any fear of failure which increase my self confidence also. Senior welcomes new ideas and innovations. The best part is that during my tenure I never felt that I am working under any boss although I feel I am working in a team where everybody helps each other.

Since the time you joined, what are the key changes or improvements that you observed at MCInd?

Since joining I observed many changes like in terms of business growth, our sales is increasing day by day . MCIND has also established Solar Lab in Gujarat for testing solar panel which is a new achievement in the field of solar energy. While in terms of employee growth, we have given opportunity to avail training from the best trainer/University which will help us in building our personal growth. Currently we are working under the guidance of Indian MD which is also an achievement for any Indian employee.

How would you describe the Mitsui culture?

Culture of Mitsui is like a family where everybody supports each other. There is no designation wise hierarchy.

Do you have any message for future colleagues?(For people who will visit our Career Website) What advise would you give to a new member of the Mitsui family

As per my personal experience, I will suggest to future colleague "You must try your luck here".

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