K V Sankeerth

K V Sankeerth

Please describe your career history at MCIND.(roles, functions, products, countries, companies, etc.)

From 2012 onwards, I got opportunity to work in diversified fields of agriculture pesticides like Research & Development , Marketing and Customer interaction ( Farmers & Retailers ) in Asia

What do you like most about working at MCIND ?

MCIND provide the best environment ( Training- Facilities ) always to pulls out the full potential of employee with great comfort - Best place to work

Which aspect of your job gives you greatest satisfaction? What do you enjoy most about your job?

Working with farmer community by providing Unique, Safe & Effective products to ensure world food security.

Since the time you joined, what are the key changes or improvements that you observed at MCIND?

No big change, But I recent times local team leading the company for the faster growth.

How would you describe the Mitsui culture?

It’s a Culture of Japan with Indian spice ( Respect - Recognition - Satisfaction)

Do you have any message for future colleagues?(For people who will visit our Career Website) What advise would you give to a new member of the Mitsui family

Mitsui have great products in all sectors & it’s a place where plenty of opportunity for the employees to leads their new innovative ideas.

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