Soumyabrata Das

Soumyabrata Das

Please describe your career history at MCInd.(roles, functions, products, countries, companies, etc.)

I have joined Mitsui Chemicals India for My M.Tech intership programme and the journey begins there and continues. I have been working with coating and engineering material div since then and looking after different products like Packaging Adhesive, Coating Resin, Functional coatings and Mitsui Specialty Films.

What do you like most about working at MCInd ?

The Diversity

Which aspect of your job gives you greatest satisfaction? What do you enjoy most about your job?

Basket of Products and Independent Working Environment

Since the time you joined, what are the key changes or improvements that you observed at MCInd?

I have seen MCInd from very bigining and experirnced its grwoth which is a phenomenal experience. I was joined as the 7th employee of the MCInd Team and now it crossed 40 with proper HR and SCM Div in place.

How would you describe the Mitsui culture?

Open and Diverse

Do you have any message for future colleagues?(For people who will visit our Career Website) What advise would you give to a new member of the Mitsui family

In MCInd you will get lot of Opportunities to grow and think differently.

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