Yogesh Sharma

Yogesh Sharma

Please describe your career history at MCInd.(roles, functions, products, countries, companies, etc.)

Sales & Marketing, Biz development in MCIND (2008-14 and 2016~)
Marketing & Biz Development and other HQ related functions in MELS (2014-16)

What do you like most about working at MCInd ?

As one of the earliest members in MCIND, I got full freedom to act without any boundaries or limitations. Hence I could apply all of my ideas with taking own responsibility of the results.

Which aspect of your job gives you greatest satisfaction? What do you enjoy most about your job?

To join just as a startup is an exciting opportunity and my 10+ years have been satisfying and fulfilling, as nearly all of MCIND business is developed from scratch during my stint.

Since the time you joined, what are the key changes or improvements that you observed at MCInd?

Our manpower strength increased from ~10 to 50~ since in joined. Our company systems and operations have got more streamlined, though there are many jobs remaining to do.
Local currency sales increased rapidly including local toll-production of CPL.

How would you describe the Mitsui culture?

Mitsui culture is more personnel centric. Each person is given free hand to demonstrate their ideas & abilities, Change for Good.

Do you have any message for future colleagues?(For people who will visit our Career Website) What advise would you give to a new member of the Mitsui family

MCI truly believes that People are their most important resource. If you want to actualize your own potential and seek unlimited avenues, MCI is the place to be.

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