MCIND Forum 24

Beyond Boundaries - Navigating Innovations in 2024

Duration 05.Sep.2024-06.Sep.2024
Place Online Forum

Arshita Sharma will delve into the latest developments in PUD inks, highlighting their applications, benefits, and the innovative processes driving this technology forward.

Shivam Varshney will present on MIPELON™, showcasing its unique properties and the potential it holds for various industrial applications.

Rohan Katiyar will explore MILASTOMER™, discussing its versatility and the advancements that make it a critical material in modern manufacturing.

Rohit Shrekhande will cover ARLEN™ and AURUM™, two groundbreaking materials known for their exceptional performance and application in high-stress environments.

Suman Paul will present on hard and anti-fog coatings, focusing on their importance in enhancing durability and visibility across various industries.

The day will conclude with a presentation by Suresh Kumar and Rahul Tewari on DINOTEFURAN and TENEBENAL™, examining their roles in modern pest control solutions and their impact on agricultural productivity.

Vibha Pandey will introduce the CHEMIPEARL™ W Series, explaining its innovative properties and applications in coatings and adhesives.

Vishwas Atri will discuss TMSC products, shedding light on their role in modern industry and their contributions to efficiency and sustainability.

Saurabh Dhawal will provide insights into Solar Lab Advisory, focusing on the latest trends and innovations in solar technology and their implications for the future of energy.

Siddhi Pandey will present on MIC High Gloss PP, exploring its unique features and the advantages it offers in various manufacturing processes.

Gunjan Singh will cover NONROT Paints, discussing their development, benefits, and the role they play in enhancing durability and aesthetics in construction and automotive industries.

The forum will conclude with closing remarks by Ankit Bhatnagar, summarizing the key takeaways and emphasizing the importance of continued innovation and collaboration in the chemical industry.