High-grade hydrocarbon resin

Low-molecular weight / amorphous aromatic hydrocarbon resin with excellent color characteristics.

Applications detail

Hot-melt adhesives and tackifiers


FTR™ is a high-grade hydrocarbon resin developed by Mitsui Chemicals for use in hot melt adhesives for book binding, packaging and varieties of adhesive tapes on the basis of its proprietary oligomer manufacturing technology.

FTR™ is colorless and transparent and shows excellent heat resistance, low odor, good compatibility with various plastics and elastomers, excellent high-temperature adhesion and color stability when used as tackifier.

Adhesive tapes (cellophane, polystyrene, polypropylene, etc. as their substrate)
Hot melt adhesives (EVA, EEA, SIS, SBS, etc.)

  1. EVA : ethylene / vinyl chloride copolymer
  2. EEA : Ethylene / Ethyl acrylate copolymer
  3. SIS : Styrene isobutylene block rubber
  4. SBS : stylene butadiene block rubber

Characteristics of FTR™
  1. Excellent color and heat stability
  2. Good compatibility with various plastics, elastomers and wax
  3. Good solubility in various solvents
  4. Good adhesion at high temperature
Zero seriesα- Methylstyrene homo polymer
2000 seriesα- Methylstyrene / styrene copolymer
6000 seriesStyrene monomer / aliphatic monomer copolymer
7000 seriesStyrene monomer / α- methylstyrene / aliphatic monomer copolymer
8000 seriesStyrene monomer based homo polymer
FMR seriesStyrene monomer / aromatic monomer copolymer

FTR:Physical Properties)
Uses, functions and recommended grades:
UseFunctionRecommended Grades
Hot melt adhesivesTackifier6000 series, zero series
Tackifier for adhesiveTackifier6000 series, 7000 series
Pressure-sensitive tapeTackifier6000 series
Protective film/ sheetTackifier8000 series
Molded filmImproved moldability6000 series
Sealing film, sheetGiving water repellency6000 series
Thermal ribbonBinder8000 series
TonerGrinding medium2000 series

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