5 Innovative Packaging Materials Driving Sustainability and Food Conservation

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Studies in 2012 and 2014 found that around 100 million tonnes of food are wasted every year in the EU. This constitutes almost 30% of the agri-food supply chain, leading to colossal environmental impacts (high blue water footprint and carbon footprint, for example). However, reviews in 2014 and 2017 highlighted the critical role packaging could play in furthering food quality preservation, preventing food safety issues, and extending its shelf life.

With the global outrage against plastic packaging materials, the demand for sustainable packaging materials has grown immensely. It has urged packaging designers to create more eco-friendly packaging materials. 

At Mitsui Chemicals, we focus on producing eco-friendly and well-dimensioned packaging material that replaces traditional plastic packaging while retaining all the essential ingredients in food and preserving freshness, warmth, and taste. Eliminating indiscriminate plastic use would go a long way in promoting sustainable food consumption and preventing the hazardous domino effects of plastic pollution. 


Our Vision

At Mitsui Chemicals India, we aim to produce sustainable packaging products using materials. In doing so, we strive to become an organization that leverages essential chemical solutions and petrochemicals to help deliver high-quality products and accelerate socio-economic growth in different sectors, including food packaging. We also promote and devise better food packaging designs for sustainability.

With continuous R&D, we aim to create better packaging for food products that would speed up food conservation. Some common food packaging materials that we manufacture include:


Mitsui's take on Sustainable Packaging



is an adhesive resin and a modified form of polyolefin. It can serve two purposes:

    •    It acts as a Tie Layer that bonds different layers of resins and is used to bond multilayer films, bottles, pipes, sheets, tanks, etc. 
    •    It also acts as a coupling agent in various composites.

ADMER™ bonds various Polyamides, and EVOH with polyolefins. It acts as an excellent shielding agent that prevents oxygen and odor from entering. It also has strong adhesion durability.

ADMER™ is used in Automotive, Food packaging & various Industrial applications. It fits right into the narrative of sealing freshness, flavor, and taste in food packaging and helps promote food conservation and sustainability.

ADMER™ homepage:

ADMER™ | Business, and Products | MITSUI CHEMICALS INDIA, PVT. LTD.



CHEMIPEARL™ is made of fine polyolefin particles. It is a translucent white and environment-friendly polyethylene. It is a high-performance food packaging material that serves high abrasion resistance, adhesiveness, and high heat retaining properties.

CHEMIPEARL™ comes in different grades — type A, M, S, V, and W. Type M, S, and V are used by the food packaging industries for food conservation during delivery.

CHEMIPEARL™ also offers high mechanical, chemical, and water-resistant properties. Its primary application comes in the food packaging industry. In baked form, it becomes an odorless film that helps seal the heat and keeps your food warm and fresh.


LUBMER™ is a self-lubricating high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). It offers high mechanical strength, low water absorption, and low abrasion resistance. It helps to lessen friction in the sliding parts in the automotive and electronic components.

Due to its ability to reduce noise and stability, LUBMER™ is often used in various industries, including construction and gas supply. But, food conservation and safety, too, is an area where it has found its relevance.

LUBMER™ can be produced using a simple injection molding or extrusion. It helps provide stability while delivering food from one place to another.


is a series of Polyolefin-based Elastomers. It has a low crystalline structure, a low melting point, and high heat resistance, despite its softness. It is compatible with both polyethylene and polypropylene. TAFMER™ is an eco-friendly packaging material specially designed for recyclable plastic packaging.

TAFMER™ provides good heat sealing and transparency and is easier to peel off. It is thus built for better food packaging and to promote food conservation and sustainability. It also helps maximize the impact resistance during food delivery. 

TAFMER™ homepage: 


5. TPX™

TPX™ is a transparent plastic that also possesses high heat resistance and reliability. It is a thermoplastic polymer that is used in various industries. TPX™ also has the following properties that can be used in different industries:

    •    High heat resistance
    •    Low dielectric property
    •    Low density
    •    Steam resistance
    •    Gas permeability
    •    Food sanitation, etc.

Due to its high heat resistance and gas permeability characteristics, TPX™ is often used in the food packaging industry. The high heat resistance makes it a good choice for microwave ovens. Also, its anti-fouling property makes it an ideal food conservation agent. The releasability factor of TPX™ is much higher than the other resins.

TPX™ homepage:

TPX™, Heat Resistant, Transparent Plastic from Japan | Mitsui Chemicals


Different countries are adopting new strategies that help remove plastic from their surroundings. At Mitsui Chemicals, we deeply understand the environmental risks related to plastic packaging material.

Our Blue Value products ensure that our business further expands and we move towards de-plasticizing the world. In doing so, we help reduce carbon emissions, conserve our resources, and coexist peacefully with nature.

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