President’s Message at the 2019 Initiation Ceremony (Summary)


Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Congratulations to all of you on joining Mitsui Chemicals. On behalf of the Mitsui Chemicals Group, I warmly welcome you all.

Making smooth progress in the 2025 Long-Term Business Plan that started in 2017, Mitsui Chemicals is now in an active investment phase with a view to transforming its portfolio.

As a company, we naturally have a duty to make a profit. If we are not a strong company that makes a profit, we will not be able to survive amid fierce competition. But there is no value in our survival if we are nothing more than a strong company. We need to think about how we contribute to addressing societal issues and the extent to which we can have a positive effect on the environment. I believe that one of our invaluable assets is our open and honest corporate culture, in which we accept each other as professionals, regardless of age, nationality or gender.

I refer to companies with these intangible values as “good companies,” as distinct from “strong companies.” Please join us in thinking about what we should do now to ensure that we are a good company – not merely a strong one – so that we can put our ideas into action together.
Now that you have become a member of Mitsui Chemicals, I ask you to bear in mind the following three points:

Safety is Top Priority

Our most important responsibility as a member of society is to preserve safety. I would like each of you to make safety your top priority in your actions at all times, remembering that safety benefits you, your family, your colleagues and society. Please keep safety in mind in your daily life as well.

Tanshiki (Practical Wisdom)

The Japanese scholar of yangmingism Masahiro Yasuoka, who became influential in the worlds of politics, government and business in later life, had this to say about comprehension: the comprehension you gain by listening to other people and reading books is chishiki (knowledge). Add experience and learning to this knowledge and it becomes kenshiki (wisdom). Finally, if you add the ability to take action on top of wisdom, it becomes tanshiki (practical wisdom). For our company, employees’ ability to take action is of prime importance. I would like you to become a person with tanshiki (practical wisdom) by deepening your kenshiki (wisdom) through active efforts to gain experience.

Become an Engaging Person

Strive to become engaging people with broad horizons who respect one another. The Mitsui Chemicals Group is a highly diverse organization that brings together experts in various fields from across the globe. Work is achieved through collaboration with people who have different strengths. What matters the most are the capabilities of each individual.

The world is changing rapidly, and the products, technologies and services we provide will change as well. You have become a member of Mitsui Chemicals at this time of transformation, and I ask you to take on new challenges and enjoy meeting with new colleagues. Make the most of your own unique talents on the broad stage offered by Mitsui Chemicals. I expect great things from all of you.