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Mitsui Chemicals lands in the Business Sphere Group’s Magazine


Mitsui Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd.

Whether it is providing innovative solutions that can instil a change in the society or delivering high-quality services to prospective clients, Mitsui Chemicals abides by the tagline “From 0 to 1”.




Our journey to this day is coupled with plenty of challenges but thanks to the unwavering will power of the team that lets us strive forward under the segment of Chemical-Oriented companies.


Today, Mitsui Chemicals India is well recognized among the competitors for the strong market presence it has established in Industrial zones such as Food & packaging, Healthcare, Basic Chemicals, and Next-generation materials. Second, to none, we have generated an aggregate annual turnover of about Rs 250 Cr by March 2020 with a growth rate of 15-20% per annum.


Here are a few excerpts from the Business Sphere Group’s magazine “Formulating Corporate Success Stories with Chemicals”:


With the new Government regulatory policies being introduced in the nation to create a positive impact in the society, one such policy has been instigated by the Indian government that directs the companies towards the concept of utilizing Renewable Energy Resources. To answer this protocol, Mitsui chemicals India Pvt. Ltd. sets up a solar testing module laboratory in Ahmedabad (Gujarat). Mr Arya, The Managing Director of Mitsui Chemicals India, quotes “The activities undertaken by Mitsui Chemicals India are those that haven’t been ventured by any other company.” 'This effort in developing innovative solutions that are capable of bringing a revolutionary change in the community is something that powers Mitsui Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.' - adds the Business Sphere Group.


The role of packaging in the food safety division is of high priority when it comes to delivering contamination-free products to consumers. In light of reducing food loss and ensuring food safety, Mitsui Chemicals has come up with a diversified range of high-performance products such as Packaging films(Biaxially oriented polypropylene & Linear low-density polyethene…), Industrial Sheets (Foam Sheets, Encapsulant sheets..), Agrochemicals, and Coatings (Packaging adhesives, Polyolefin and Polyurethane resins…) that contribute towards resolving the challenges faced by the society. “Our food packaging products are accurately engineered to meet the growing demands for packaging materials”, claims Mitsui Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd.


While on the other hand, Mitsui Chemicals has started widening its reach and has started building its name as a Basic Materials Developer by floating products such as Petrochemicals, Basic chemicals (Phenol, Acetone, Urea, PET resin…), Polyurethane, etc are supplied to a wide range of fields such as automotive, consumer electronics and many more. Tapping into the Asian market and building resistance to fluctuation in the prices is what the organization desires to accomplish.


The introduction of the mobility business division is a potential outbreak for Mitsui chemicals! Despite being a top contender in the chemical oriented business, Mitsui Chemicals has quickly ceased the brand new market opportunities and has developed high-quality solutions for automotive applications in no time. Not only was it a huge success for the organization in its earlier stages rather it turned out to be a game-changer. The wide variety of products floated under this division constitute Elastomers, Performance Compounds, PP compounds, Performance Polymers, etc. Mr Suzuki Shigeo, Deputy Managing Director, is a supporting agent for the automotive division and his presence is certainly propellant for Mitsui Chemicals.


Advancing further, Mitsui Chemicals debuts as a lens material developer under the vision care division. At the moment, the company has set its mission towards addressing the visionary issues in humans and is looking forward to gradually implementing the proposed solutions in real-time. In fact, developing premium lens materials that are capable of withstanding intensive radiations is a huge milestone for Mitsui Chemicals.


Mitsui chemicals India Pvt. Ltd. is grateful to the “The Business Sphere Group” for laying a remarkable draft to the audience that shares our success story under the curtain of Chemicals. This not only encourages our organization to strive for more but also influences the other players in the market to keep adding value to their products and processes.


View the magazine at https://businesssphere.in/2020/11/11/formulating-corporate-success-stories-with-chemicals/

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