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The Problem of Plastic Waste – How Tafmerᵀᴹ can help. View here

The Packaging Industry – Switching to the Benefits of Mono-Material Packaging. Know how

Tafmer™ - Alpha-Olefin Copolymer for Mono-Material Packaging and Plastic Recycling. Visit here

Tafmerᵀᴹ - Connected deeply with our Blueᵀᴹ and Roseᵀᴹ  Values. Visit here

Tafmerᵀᴹ - Hear from the Experts at Mitsui Chemicals India. Read here

Tafmerᵀᴹ - For better product quality and performance. Visit here

D-Serineᵀᴹ - Key raw material in the production of anti-epileptic & anti-TB medicinal drugs. Read here

Takelacᵀᴹ and Takenateᵀᴹ - High-Performance Adhesives for Film Lamination. Visit here

Best Solar PV Advisory Services - Adherence to International Standards. Read more

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