Mitsui Chemicals India Newsletter November 2021

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Mitsui Chemicals India

Anti-Fog Lens Coatings:
 “Water washable” anti-fog durability for the best Quality of View (QoV). View here

 Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent for paints, wallpapers, wood, paper, and more. Read here

Solar Testing & Certification Lab: Our PI Berlin-trained experts ensure reliability of PV modules of the highest standard. See how

Technical Due Diligence for PV Modules: Historical Data Yield Assessment services help build bankability on modules. Read more

MITSUI EPTᵀᴹ, VNB-EPT, & Metallocene EBT: Superior materials for hoses, engine mount, conveyer belt, roofing sheets, and more

Milastomerᵀᴹ TPV: Enabling safety, comfort, soft touch, and lighter weight with excellent heat and resistance. Find out how

Takelacᵀᴹ for the Environment: Most preferred PUD packaging, construction material, and casting applications. Read here

TUX™ high strength LLDPE film:
Protecting food from spoilage and wastage at all stages of the supply chain. Find out here