Mitsui Chemicals India Announces Progressive Organizational Revamp

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Citing the abound opportunities and heightened volatility of the chemical industry, it is important for businesses to broad-base organizational matrices. In expository, it is quite high time to reimagine an agile business model to stay ahead of the pack. With a similar objective to scrutinize dynamic transformation, Mitsui Chemicals India is on the cusp of reorganization.


Mitsui Chemicals India 


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Friday, July 18, 2022 




Leveraging Organizational Changes effective from August 1, 2022 

Enhancing Capabilities in fresh business domains like Agrochemicals 

Enabling a solutions-oriented model that may lead to circular economic transformation 

Promoting Digital Transformation (DX) 


With growth momentum scaling up, Mitsui Chemicals India has decided to efface certain divisions and integrate more profound business units. The group will repurpose the geographies and vision to streamline operations with three priorities- Solutions, Sustenance, and Growth. 


The importance of retaining competence through reorganization comes with a great deal of responsibility. We envision the cooperation of technological advancements with each segment- products, solutions, and customers’ expectations at the front end. Classifying the major organizational undertakings into four major solutions’ divisions that include but are not limited to- 

1. Mobility and Industrial Solutions Division (MISD) 

2. Coatings and ICT Solutions Division (CISD)  

3. Healthcare Solutions and Basic Green Materials Division (HSBD) 

4. Agro-Solutions Division (AGSD) 

Changes in Food and Packaging division have been grounded in specifications with coating solutions. Having designed to ensure strengthened cooperation with the ICT sector, CISD will unlock the value for future market expansion. Likewise, the distinct division holds command over P-poly products and anticipated semiconducting and battery materials.  

The key highlight of the revamp comprehends the reclaimed position of Solar Lab under MISD. Thereby, clarifying the establishment of an integrated system from the provision of materials for solar cells to the diagnostic business. 

In relevance with the flourishing domain of the firm- healthcare, building a dedicated domain for basic green and bio-materials seems promising.  

For several years, a steady expansion in the agrochemical industry could be observed. While it is proposed to grow at an exponential rate of around 8.6% by 2026, opportunities to achieve functional excellence in the domain persist. To address the global demand more effectively, we have identified Agrochemicals as our next business pillar.  

We aim to establish a new project team in Business Operations Division (BOPD) to translate concrete Digital transformation (DX) strategies into the targeted missions. Furthermore, our BOPD will skillfully oversee the new cross-divisional digital marketing strategies considering the recent developments in the ESG framework.   

Consequently, Mitsui targets to evaluate high-value materials owing to reduced carbon footprint and a strong foundation for the circular economy.


Following is a statement from Mr. Jun Kawaguchi, Managing Director of Mitsui Chemicals Group, India: 

“Mitsui believes in unchanging purpose with ever-evolving opportunities and cross-divisional progress. In order to probe deeper into our growth ambition, we are committed to aligning the reorganization to a new trajectory. Besides evolving an adequate domain focus, the new operating model will help in getting the most out of chemicals to solve industrial challenges. We realize the need to pan out digital marketing strategies and operations that may foster Environment, Social, and Governance standards.” 


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Founded in 2008, Mitsui Chemicals India remains at the apex of leveraging chemical technology to bolster socio-economic growth in India. Having a diverse set of organizational divisions, the company focuses on rendering quality solutions for high customer value. To incentivize our capabilities, we lay a federated structure of Healthcare, Mobility, Coatings, Agrochemicals, and solutions. 


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